Brittany Campbell

Podcast: MLS Expansion Drafts, and Galaxy Decisions

Did the LA Galaxy signal the end of a deal for Cristian Pavon? And can we make sense of an expansion draft and other MLS rules?

COG STUDIOS, Calif.  It’s your favorite time of year. That’s right. It’s when the LA Galaxy leave individual players unprotected for the expansion draft! Yay! But with the draft happening less than 24 hours from when we hit the record button, we’re sure the entire MLS world has changed. 

Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the entertaining but surprising MLS Cup win for the Columbus Crew and why that certainly hopes Seattle’s chances of being considered in the same breath as the Galaxy’s dynasty. And also why it shouldn’t have surprised anyone with how poorly the Sounders have played in previous MLS Cups. 

But our real focus today will be mixing MLS’s new rules with their old practices and trying to explain the expansion team process and why Cristian Pavon is going to be listed as eligible for the re-entry draft on December 17. And it probably means nothing… probably. 

Plus, Kevin will look back at some of the Galaxy names that have become successful head coaches and why he believes that the Galaxy have stopped their string of internal development when they can’t get a consistent process on the field. 

It’s a quick 60-minute look into the offseason Galaxy, and we’re glad you could join us!