Photo by Brittany Campbell

Podcast: A bad haircut, AOL chatroom catfishing, Galaxy Academy signings, and the SuperDraft

New Academy signings, new draft picks, some great LA Galaxy history and roster talk! Oh yeah, and MLS is on the verge of a work stoppage.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — On a day that will probably be remembered for one of the crazier MLS SuperDrafts, we’re making sure you’re paying attention to some critical LA Galaxy history and some intriguing young players who have signed with the club. 

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira get you all the crazy and packed news from a surprisingly busy offseason week!

Josh and Eric will start with all the things they messed up on the previous show and some of the stories about how they got corrected — hi Jonathan Bond — and why Josh’s haircut is probably the biggest mistake of all of them. 

Then the guys are diving into a 20th anniversary that you should never forget — even when MLS likes to. Were you at the Collesium 20 years ago? And do you remember what happened to the Club World Cup in 2001! Thanks for nothing, FIFA!

Then to prove all white guys look alike, Josh and Eric will get into the details about the Galaxy’s newest SuperDraft picks. Do you have any hope that either of the players will be on the roster come March — or May? Plus, both from the University of Denver? And one of them seems to be a Galaxy fan!

But the real highlight of the Galaxy’s roster is the additions of Adam Saldaña, Jalen Neal, and Markus Ferkranus (should be announced on Friday). Why is this such a big deal for the Galaxy as an organization? And why will this mean relatively little for the 2021 season?

Finally, the guys are diving into the deteriorating negotiations between MLS and the MLSPA. Did commissioner Don Garber send a letter to the “fans” to get the MLSPA to the bargaining table? And why the conflicting messages from ownership? Are we on the verge of a lockout?

Don’t panic about the roster, right? RIGHT? 

We’ve got a jam-packed show that has plenty of twists and turns. And we’ll explain it all! Welcome to peak offseason, MLS!