Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

Podcast: Austrian Rumors, Galaxy loan loopholes, and The Queen’s Gambit

Did the LA Galaxy get Cristian Pavon for free? A report has us tipping our hat at a bold contract move by the club and we’re looking into Husein Balic and some team goodbye’s

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — Oh, do we have a story for you! It involves Dennis te Kloese, the LA Galaxy, Boca Juniors, and a report that may mean the Galaxy got Cristian Pavon without a loan fee.

Hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira join on a day that was supposed to be filled with drama. Instead, Major League Soccer extended the lockout deadline by 24-hours. So instead of counting down the minutes until MLS canceled the CBA and locked out the players, we’re giving you a news dump worthy of a busy week of Galaxy announcements. 

We’ll discuss some changes in the Galaxy’s front office, and we talk about a goodbye from David Bingham. Can you put Bingham’s time with the Galaxy into perspective? And do the stats change your opinion of the club’s former goalkeeper?

Plus, will the loan deal for Diedie Traore end up working out in his favor? Or will the club put him on loan and never see him come back to the club? There’s some nuance in this loan, so give it a chance!

Josh and Eric will also discuss the Galaxy’s rock star coaching staff and why the weakest link will be one of the Galaxy’s greatest all-time players. Does getting the band back together do anything wrong for the club? Or will it still take winning to get this team pointed in the right direction?

The guys will push through the middle of the show with some disappointing news from Adidas about a possible third kit, and we’ll make sure we dive into all the details on why General Manager Dennis te Kloese might be up for an award. Did he pull one over on Boca Juniors? God, let it be true for the laughs!

To close out the show, the guys talk rumors — Sergio Aguero and Husein Balic — and give you the latest on MLS and MLSPA. Surely the CBA talks will change by the time you listen to this show, but we talked about them anyways!

We’ve got a big show for a big Thursday night. Thanks for listening to us! Now, watch some Netflix or something!