Photo courtesy of the LA Galaxy

Podcast: Vanney trusts Vazquez while the Galaxy get a deal done with Boca and Pavon … almost

Greg Vanney is high on Victor Vazquez and thinks both Samuel Grandsir and Vazquez are exactly the guys he was looking for!

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — Everyone once in a while, there’s just a lot of exciting LA Galaxy things to talk about. Well lucky for you, this show is that show, and we’re giving a heaping scoop of opinion, news, and Galaxy fun! Let’s get to it!

Hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira cover the club from every angle. And that includes the ongoing “authentic” drama that seems to have left the Galaxy speechless. 

The guys will start with some Liga G talk and then quickly progress into the latest twist on what the kits on the field will look when the Galaxy finally take the field in 2021. What happened to the MLS patch? And why should it have been missing all along?

Josh and Eric then focus in on the signing of Victor Vazquez and why Greg Vanney thinks the world of him. And that might mean that he’ll be getting a lot more minutes than we first thought. Plus, with his pedigree, can Vazquez become the link to championships the Galaxy need?

The guys will also talk about Vanney’s media call and how he touched on almost every subject fans want to know. Are more players incoming? And why is that defensive midfielder so crucial to what the Galaxy want to do?


Plus, before the lengthy conversation about Cristian Pavon, Josh and Eric verify the priority season ticket holders will be given and talk about how the Galaxy have magically made Season Ticket Agreements go away — conveniently when it’s best for them. Will you be able to get into the stadium? Could the Galaxy get into the Orange tier before the home opener at the end of April?

We’ve got a packed show that should keep you entertained throughout its unusual length!