Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

Podcast: Galaxy playing favorites as they welcome fans for the Red Bulls

Kevin Cabral’s arrival is planned and he’s brining his brother, plus the LA Galaxy will be without an important player on Sunday against the New York Red Bulls

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy are preparing to welcome you back to the stadium for the first time in over a year. We’re excited, you’re excited, and you can bet the players are excited too!

Hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira are getting you ready for a game against the New York Red Bulls that is certainly going to test a Galaxy team that doesn’t have it all figured out. They’ve got history against them, and they’re trying to do something they’ve only done four times in the entire lifespan of the organization: win back-to-back games to start the season. 

Can the Galaxy break an 11-year drought? 

We’re getting you ready for a weekend that should be a homecoming to many fans (not all, but a lot). But the Galaxy team that is taking the field is already acting like a family. That’s an important thing that the guys want to talk about. 

Plus, has Greg Vanney really not seen Ted Lasso? COME ON, COACH!

Josh and Eric will reveal which Galaxy player is one of two mentioned in a Galaxy town hall earlier this week, and perhaps we have a guess on the second one? Although it’s just a guess and not a rumor!

And we’re getting you prepped for a false start on selling a Galaxy three-pack and why you better have already listened to the show by 9 AM on Friday (but if it’s already Saturday, don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything, probably). 

Finally, before the guys go haywire with another dramatic game preview, they’re telling you about a player that won’t be dressing for the next two games and the odd way the League chose to let that happen. 

We’ve got a packed show that is just dying to get you out of the house, take you out for lunch, and drop you off at the stadium for a little game of soccer. Won’t you join us?