Photo Courtesy of Steve Carrillo

PODCAST: More Hyperbole with Chicharito Bangin’ in goals for the Galaxy

Have fans seen the LA Galaxy yet? The real LA Galaxy? And Chicharito just keeps scoring goals. None of that sucks!

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — More goals for Chicharito and more wins for the Galaxy. Is that how we can sum up this weekend’s win over the visiting New York Red Bulls? 

There’s more to it, though. So much more. Let’s have a chat. 

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter get you through an eventful Sunday afternoon with just under 7,000 of our closest friends. We’re discussing the Galaxy’s win, Chicharito’s hat trick, and how good it felt to be back in a stadium with fans making noise. 

But what can we take away from a team that hasn’t always been stellar but has found a way to score goals and win games? Are the Galaxy getting lucky, or is this hard work paying off? And just how much Kool-Aid are you drinking (hint: all of it).

Josh and Kevin will talk about the players who had good games and why the MLS Player of the Week probably wasn’t the guy that got named. And how a couple of guys that we thought would be warming the bench are probably going to start a lot of games. 

The guys will also predict the future compared to the last two games they watched and why the Galaxy are about to run into two very good tests. Can they get even more points from their next two opponents? 

Finally, Josh and Kevin are updating you on Galaxy news, telling you where Kevin Cabral is and giving you the details on why the Galaxy aren’t exactly sure when they’re leaving for the match against Seattle. 

It’s a packed show, and we’re glad you could join us. Now get ready for another busy Galaxy week with another busy CoG show schedule!