Photo by Steve Carrillo

Podcast: Good Play. Bad result. Galaxy contract extensions and a midweek matchup with Dallas.

The LA Galaxy may have angered some of the soccer gods and now fans are hoping the injury bug gets squashed quickly. Will the club be ready for FC Dallas?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — What happens when you get almost everything right against a team that is supposed to be better than you? If that team is Sporting KC, getting it almost right isn’t good enough for any points. But the LA Galaxy are taking steps forward. They just have to develop into a better team.

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the Galaxy’s 2-0 loss to Sporting KC at Dignity Health Sports Park on the Fourth of July. How did the team feel about the loss? And do our hosts feel the same way?

Josh and Kevin will discuss the injuries to Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez and why Galaxy fans should be holding their breath over the calf injury, and they’ll talk about the Galaxy’s dwindling supply of center backs. Could Daniel Steres make a return for Wednesday night’s game against FC Dallas? Or will Rayan Raveloson be forced back into a defensive stance?

The guys will also discuss Raveloson’s stellar debut and why it should open up options for the Galaxy once they get some healthy bodies back into center-back. Plus, Victor Vazquez continues to be worth his weight in gold, even if the Galaxy couldn’t finish off several chances. 

But are you growing weary of Kevin Cabral? Do you think the Galaxy need to bench the Young Designated Player? Or is this all part of his learning curve?

And before the guys get you updated on the game against FC Dallas, do you want to hear some breaking news? 

We’ve got a packed show for you on this Monday (holiday) night. And we’re glad you decided to join us!