Photo by Steve Carrillo

Podcast: Galaxy hit a home stretch that continues with Real Salt Lake. Joveljić in LA.

The LA Galaxy are wrapping things up with Dejan Joveljić and getting ready for a wild month of August. There are points to be won.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — If you’re the LA Galaxy, you need to be looking at the next two home games as six points. But August is a long month, so any home game the club plays will need to win if they want to position themselves for a race to the finish. 

The Galaxy are nearing the midway point of the season. Are you ready for what this next month brings?

Hosts Josh Guesman and, filling in for Kevin Baxter, Larry Morgan discuss the news over the weekend, and what a busy Monday means for the Galaxy front office. 

Josh and Larry will start by going over some of the live show highlights and maybe some of the information that was deposited during that wacky 90 minutes. And if you have listened, you should probably give it a shot. 

But the guys also want to take a big picture approach to the 4-1 win over Portland. And Josh certainly intends to shine a light on how the Galaxy won that game; by growing into it. There are also players to talk about and why Kevin Cabral had his most significant jump forward in a Galaxy uniform on Friday night. Is he ready for more?

Josh and Larry will also talk about the players returning from Gold Cup and why Jonathan dos Santos was expected back in LA today but found himself in Mexico City instead. Will that change some of what Greg Vanney told us in our wide-ranging media call today?

Plus, you’ll get to hear from Vanney and goalkeeper Jonathan Bond, as both had some fascinating insight into what this group is trying to accomplish on Wednesday and beyond. 

Finally, Josh and Larry will get you updated on Dejan Joveljić and why he’s in Los Angeles as you listen to this show (assuming you’re listening on Monday or Tuesday) and what the Galaxy can expect from a good, but not great, Real Salt Lake. 

There are many points up for grabs for the Galaxy this month, and if they want to stay where they’re at, they better win most of them!