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PODCAST: Shopping for a DP, roster decisions, and te Kloese and Dos Santos depart Galaxy

The Galaxy lose Dennis te Kloese and Jonathan dos Santos. But will other roster decisions bring them better play in 2022?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — Welcome back, you turkeys! We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break, but we’re ready to get back to LA Galaxy business. And there was a lot of business to decipher. 

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter (from Mexico) want to get you caught up on all the Galaxy news that dropped over the holiday weekend. An there’s a surprising amount, even if the events themselves weren’t unexpected. 

Josh and Kevin will start by discussing the departure of Dennis te Kloese to Feyenoord and why the Galaxy aren’t blameless in his leaving. But will te Kloese have a legacy? And what would that legacy be? Plus, who will take over in the General Manager role, and why is a Technical Director different from a GM? 

Plus, the guys want to look at the announcement that Jonathan dos Santos won’t be returning to the club in 2022. At 31-years-old is dos Santos a victim of poor systems or a body that couldn’t keep up with MLS anymore. 

Josh and Kevin will then go over the roster decisions the club announced today and tell you why the Galaxy really didn’t do much with their option declines and out-of-contract players. But shopping for a Designated Player has already started.

Finally, the show will go over the offseason calendar that MLS released and tell you why the Galaxy get to take the 2022 Expansion Draft as a snow day. 

We’ve got a packed show that includes a wintery mix of Galaxy news and analysis. Are the Galaxy better off with te Kloese gone? 

Thanks for joining us!