Photo Courtesy of LA Galaxy

PODCAST: Trades gone wrong? Did the Galaxy make the right moves with Steres and Zubak?

There are many reasons the LA Galaxy made the trades to rid themselves of Dan Steres and Ethan Zubak. But why does it feel like they didn’t get it right?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy had a relatively busy half-day trade window Sunday morning. They moved two players who probably weren’t going to make a big splash in 2022 for the club and would have struggled to get playing time. But did they get all they could for them? Or was something else going on?

On today’s show, host Josh Guesman goes without Kevin Baxter (He’s on a boat!) and discusses the Galaxy’s trade of Dan Steres and Ethan Zubak. There are a lot of questions that come up when we see the results of these trades, but perhaps there’s a good reason the return on these players was less than expected? 

Josh will start by going over his views of a rather unimpressive MLS Cup. Sure the highlights will show a great game, but the playoff format seems to be the enemy of good soccer. Why was this year another “year of the asterisks?” And why does MLS need to fix this problem with growing US popularity?

Then Josh will discuss the upcoming expansion draft and why it’s not a shopping list for teams looking to add or get rid of pieces. Sure the Galaxy are exempt from this year’s festivities, but will Charlotte find some former Galaxy players unprotected? And the Galaxy will find out their full 2022 schedule on December 15th!

But the bulk of today’s show is to talk about the trade of Steres and Zubak and why the Galaxy may have done the best they could. Or maybe they tried to make a deal that kept the player in mind. Either way, the Galaxy are opening up space on the roster, and if they want more new faces, it’s the only way to get it done. 

Plus, is Sebastian Lletget eyeing Miami instead of New England? And what new rumors popped up just before the show. Do they even make sense?

Welcome to CoG show number 900! Thanks for hanging around with us! We’re glad we could keep you entertained!