Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

PODCAST: Are the Galaxy ambitious enough to keep pace in the Western Conference? So far, no!

The LA Galaxy are in danger of being left behind by several smart conference rivals. Can they get back to making smart moves with a smart plan?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy got back to the training ground on Monday. But does it all feel anticlimactic? Is the team generating any buzz in a crucial offseason?

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the team’s current state and why this 2022 season has gotten off to a fizzle. Plus, are the Galaxy getting beat to the punch on players they wanted to add to the team? Has the appeal of the winningest franchise in MLS history slowly eroded?

The guys discuss what they saw from the Galaxy’s opening day at training and why there was a veteran and rookie who garnered the spotlight in the infamous beep test. Would you have guessed who came out on top? And what does that mean?

The guys will also discuss the Galaxy’s lack of movement this offseason on the player front and why there is some hope that Greg Vanney wants a big name that is a game-changer. But did the Galaxy need to reload their ideas when Acosta, Rusnak, and Sanchez all took paths around the Galaxy?

Plus, is there any excuse for a lack of an organizational chart that is easily explained from this front office? Are Chris Klein and Dan Beckerman under ever-building pressure to fix the Galaxy? Will Vanney get the blame if it all goes sideways?

And why is a Twitter account for the Galaxy’s parent-company blocking Galaxy fans for a perfectly reasonable protest?

We’ve got a full show with some lively debate that goes back to 2017 and beyond. What has happened to the mighty Galaxy?

As always, thanks for the support, and enjoy the show!