2022 Season: LA Galaxy begin pre-season training on January 17,2022. Photo by Robert Mora/LA Galaxy. --- www.LAGalaxy.com --- @LAGALAXY | @LAGALAXYPHOTOS

PODCAST: A Galaxy Rose Bowl visit, Costa closer, and Pavon Further away?

The LA Galaxy are closing in on their first preseason game. But the roster is incomplete. Will Greg Vanney find his game-changer, and soon?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy will return to playing competitive soccer this weekend. But with holes remaining in this lineup, can Greg Vanney and the rest of the front office find the ambition and foresight to land a game-changing signing?

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Larry Morgan (Kevin Baxter is on assignment following the USMNT) discuss the Galaxy’s most recent moves and why some of the rumors might not be leading in the direction everyone thinks they’re going to. 

The guys will start by talking about the addition of Mike Muñoz in a position that will oversee the LA Galaxy Academy and probably LA Galaxy II. What expectations does he have, and will the Galaxy maintain the momentum that the previous administration started?

Then Josh and Larry will get the details right on the Marky Delgado trade to confirm his contract length and why the signing is just fine. Really! It’s fine. We’re all fine!

The Galaxy also made their way back to the Rose Bowl last week, and the entire team was running hills around the hallowed ground before getting to have lunch on the field itself. Is this just more history farming by the Galaxy? Is this a PR stunt that gains views with minimal upside? Or is Vanney doing something meaningful with this team? Is this what team-building looks like?

Finally, Josh will talk about Douglas Costa and Cristian Pavon rumors. And the feelings we have about certain signings aren’t being talked about. So we’re going to change that. Are the Galaxy gambling big on a Designated Player signing you might not be able to trust?

We’ve got a great show lined up for a Monday night. And we hope you enjoy it!