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PODCAST: Now, they all count! Galaxy draw with DC, and try and fix the defense before Opening Day!

Did a draw with DC United open the LA Galaxy’s eyes to their biggest problem? The defense?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy are all done with the preseason. And on Sunday, with New York City FC marching into the stadium, they’ll know that everything they do until October has real-world ramifications for how they finish the season. So are they ready?

Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter detail the Galaxy’s 2-2 draw with DC United and why they probably put themselves in a position to have to pick someone who was just waiting in the wings.

Josh will start by going over what he saw from the press box with the Galaxy’s “disjointed” play against DC United. He’ll talk about the team’s best strength — counter-attacking — and why Greg Vanney is pinning the entire success of the season on the Galaxy’s weakest point, their defense. 

So what have the Galaxy done to make their defense better? And why are they in a position to need someone like Eriq Zavaleta? And is Zavaleta even the answer for a club that is sorely missing their second starter?

Josh and Kevin will also discuss availability for Douglas Costa, Victor Vazquez, Derrick Williams, and Sega Coulibaly. They’ll get you updated on the biggest successes of the preseason and who won the golden sandal. 

But before the night is over, they’ll also give you updates on the Galaxy’s TV deal, why the league is only planning on charter flights for some of the season, and much more. 

Plus, we’ve written down our predictions, so that means we’re ready to be proven wrong by the success and failures of the Galaxy. Where did we get it right? And where did we get it wrong?

We’ve got a packed show for you on a Monday night. And it just feels like real soccer is in the air! Are you ready for the opening game of the season?