Photo Courtesy of LA Galaxy

PODCAST: Who are the Galaxy afraid of? It shouldn’t be Real Salt Lake.

Dejan Joveljic is getting Greg Vanney to talk about him, and the LA Galaxy are ready to take advantage of a hit-and-miss Real Salt Lake.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — Have your views on the LA Galaxy shifted? Is there any team that the Galaxy should be afraid of? And looking at the schedule, do you see anyone who should cause the Galaxy problems?

Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira are back to discuss the Galaxy’s psychological change and why you should be feeling confident heading into their match with Real Salt Lake this weekend. 

They guys will start by continuing the Dejan Joveljic conversation. They’ll play audio from Greg Vanney that gives his side of the Joveljic debate, and they’ll talk about Kevin Cabral’s benching and why it should probably continue. 

Plus, there’s more tactical talk regarding the slight shift in formation that Vanney made against Nashville. 

Josh and Eric will also discuss the Galaxy’s Open Cup game and why it should be a fantastic time in a small stadium. So maybe try to be on your best behavior? It’s not every day in the United States we get these kinds of experiences. 

And the guys will also talk about a nearly $30 bowl of chicken and waffle fries that has Twitter a-stir. Is the food too expensive at the stadium? Are you simply a captive audience. Are you being milked by the Galaxy?

Finally, Josh and Eric will get you ready for the Galaxy’s match against Real Salt Lake. They’re a team that is hard to figure out. Will the Galaxy be playing against the team that lost 6-0 to New York City? Or against the team that lost to a lower level in the Open Cup? Or the team that just drew Portland and has beaten Nashville?

We’ve got a great show for you. And as always, we’re so thankful you decided to join us!