Photo Courtesy of LA Galaxy

PODCAST: Creativity? The Galaxy need Vazquez back, Grandsir as a starter, and a lot more of Joveljic.

Scoring is a problem. But it’s creating those chances that should have the LA Galaxy worried. And Victor Vazquez is only part of the answer.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy came out flat against Real Salt Lake on Saturday afternoon. The lack of creativity in this lineup is starting to show itself. And while Kevin Cabral had been firmly in the crosshairs before this game, he cemented his position and started to drag Douglas Costa and Efrain Alvarez with him. 

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the Galaxy’s lack of creativity and why they think this club will need something different. Either that’s getting Victor Vazquez back and healthy or by going out and grabbing a CAM in the summer transfer window. 

But like so much of this early season, this show will revolve around Cabral’s inability to make an impact on the game and why Dejan Joveljic is the hot hand that needs more playing time. 

Will Vanney’s defensive balance be thrown away by the club in favor of more scoring? Or does it make more sense to get Joveljic minutes in place of the biggest goal-scoring threat for the Galaxy?

What do you make of two Designated Players that are injury prone and two Designated Players that have shown relatively little in the way of production in the goals or assists category?

We’ve got an entire show of discussions on formations, chances created, and expected goals — all hoping to get the best players on the field for LA. 

Thanks for joining us!