Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

PODCAST: MLSPA Salary Dump, signs of life in Minnesota, and LA Galaxy ready for Houston

The LA Galaxy offense looked bad for 70 minutes against Minnesota. But with Sacha Kljestan and Victor Vazquez on the field, things started to click. But that can’t be the answer, right?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — If you were frustrated by the LA Galaxy and their first 60 minutes of play against Minnesota, you weren’t alone. But what changed in the second half that made the Galaxy the better team?

On today’s show, host Josh Guesman is here to talk some Galaxy, and MLS Soccer School is in session. 

Josh will start by diving into the 1-1 draw with Minnesota United on Wednesday night and talk about a lineup with Douglas Costa, Sam Grandsir, and Kevin Cabral should have been more dangerous. And where did Costa go in the first half, and why was he so much better in the second half?

The offense also showed its first signs of life in a couple of games. Can that be attributed to Victor Vazquez and Sacha Kljestan? Or is that about Cabral and Rayan Raveloson leaving the field?

But unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Major League Soccer Players Association released the first of two salary dumps for every player in MLS. That means we can take a look at the Galaxy roster and give you some background behind a plethora of raises and why we can’t calculate the salary cap (budget) for any MLS team. And the league likes it that way. 

Finally, Josh will look ahead to Sunday’s game with the Houston Dynamo, which has the Galaxy as HUGE favorites, according to our favorite website. 

So do the signs of life from the offense carry over to Sunday? Will Kljestan and Vazquez be back to spur on the offense? And does Vanney need to make a decision on Costa, Cabral, and Grandsir?


NOTE: YouTube has flagged the live stream we did last night for Spam / Scam / Community guidelines violations. It was a glitch in their system and they have since fixed it. But they haven’t figured out a way to reinstate the videos they flagged. So we’re in a holding pattern for a bit.