Photo Courtesy of LA Galaxy

PODCAST: Apple, MLS ink worldwide TV deal, the World Cup in LA, and the LA Galaxy get Portland

The World Cup is coming to Los Angeles and Apple and MLS just signed a really interesting deal that could backfire. Plus, the LA Galaxy get ready for Portland

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — Los Angeles will be home to the World Cup in 2026. So you should probably start saving your money now!

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira discuss the LA Galaxy and all the worldwide news Major League Soccer is making. 

Quite honestly, this show isn’t short!

Josh and Eric will start by discussing Los Angeles and SoFi Stadium winning the right to host some World Cup games in 2026 with a small surprise that it’s now less than four years away. In fact, the World Cup would be upon us already if it wasn’t going to be held this winter. 

The guys also want to talk about some strange marketing that the Galaxy are doing while welcoming country superstar Carrie Underwood to the sho…

Will the Galaxy use that Carry Underwood money for a CAM? Let’s discuss. 

But the bulk of the show will be spent breaking down the league-shifting TV deal that will see Apple get more than 900 MLS games that you’ll be able to subscribe to with no blackouts no matter where you are in the world. Does this mean death to the mythical casual fan? Is this a smart move for a league that will be at 30 teams ten years down the road? And what does a minimum guaranteed contract mean?

Then, Josh and Eric will update you on things Greg Vanney said at training and why that means the Galaxy are making a midfield addition this summer. 

Finally, the guys will get you ready for a game the Galaxy should win. LA hosts the Portland Timbers on Saturday, and if the Galaxy want to be that comfortable playoff team they should be, they win this game relatively easily. 

And that should make you nervous. 

Join us for almost 90 minutes of Galaxy-talk. We’re delighted that you’re joining us!