PODCAST: Cali-Clasico loses power while the LA Galaxy whimper out of Open Cup

You’d expect some fight to come out of the LA Galaxy in the Open Cup. Instead, the team looked out of ideas and creativity.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy will wish they were still on the international break. After surviving the Portland Timbers, surely an energized Galaxy side would be able to handle a lower division Sacramento Republic side. Not so fast. In fact, really slow and plodding. 

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Christian Miles discuss the many ways the Galaxy failed to meet the intensity of a US Open Cup game that was played just about as perfectly as you could have hoped by USL side Sacramento Republic. What did Greg Vanney see on the night, and why are several players who may have just played themselves out of playing time down the stretch?

And what did the loss reveal about the Galaxy’s summer needs? Will they be going for a Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM)? And should you be worried about them finding the right piece?

Also, Josh and Christian will talk about the postponed Cali-Clasico and the likely reason the Galaxy aren’t headed to a different stadium to play this weekend. And surprise… it’s about MONEY.

We’ve got a packed show of reaction, analysis, and criticism of a team that doesn’t have all the pieces they need and why they should be tired of waiting for other pieces to come around. 

Let’s get you more than 60 minutes of Galaxy-talk. It all starts right now on show no. 950!