Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy - Jonathan Bond

PODCAST: LA Galaxy Re-Sign Jonathan. At least two of them!

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy get two of the shot-stoppers back. So what can we expect from both Jonathans this season?

Host Josh Guesman is once again flying solo as we all await Kevin Baxter’s triumphant return from Qatar. There’s one thing we can guarantee: this show won’t be as good as the World Cup you just watched! But we’re still in preseason. So we’ll grow into it.

With the start of camp less than 20 days away, Josh wanted to focus on the Galaxy’s re-signing of both Jonathan Bond and Jonathan Klinsmann. One of those guys signed his contract a long time ago. But we get a little bit more detail about Bond and the expectations that come with the new agreement. 

But will Klinsmann push Bond for the number one spot? Did we see too much regression in Bond’s stats? And will the number one spot be more comfortable with a better defense?

Plus, Josh will cover rumors of Angle Di Maria and Josh Drack. In fact, that might be the only time those guys enter the same sentence, but there it is. 

We’ve got a lot of fun little updates for you, and we’re so glad you’re joining us for this Holiday season show!