Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy - Samuel Grandsir

PODCAST: A meeting with AEG and the LA Galaxy? What happened inside the room? Plus, rumors and news!

To boycott or not to boycott? LA Riot Squad President drops by to tell us what happened at the meeting with the LA Galaxy.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The boycott of the LA Galaxy is in effect. And today, we’re trying to find out what was said in the room where it happened. 

Joining Josh Guesman on CoG’s 1000th show is LA Riot Squad President Andrew Alesana. Andrew will talk about how the idea for the boycott came about and why they think now is the right time to push AEG on the subject. 

Andrew will also discuss what went on during the 2.5-hour meeting between the Supporter Group Leadership and the LA Galaxy and the next steps. He’ll even answer what he thinks about fans who choose not to participate in the boycott.

Then Josh will talk about rumors surrounding Julian Araujo, Samuel Grandsir, and the callups of Jalen Neal and Markus Ferkranus. 

Quite honestly, it’s the perfect show to discuss the Galaxy, as they’re quickly running out of days to sign talent and get them into camp. 

But Greg Vanney doesn’t seem to be panicked. And he seems to understand where his significant replacements will have to be. 

Thanks for listening and watching! We’re glad you could hang out with us!