Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy - Julian Araujo

PODCAST: The only positive about the LA Galaxy is Baxter’s Covid test

Julian Araujo is eyeing Barcelona, while the LA Galaxy seem to be striking out with transfers. Does that all change on Tuesday?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — There are probably only a handful of shows we can remember going this sideways. And with the internet in full rebellion mode, you’ll have to forgive us for being so frustrated. 

And maybe the LA Galaxy are frustrated too? After all, it doesn’t seem likely that Greg Vanney or the club saw the way things would be going just 26 days from kick-off. Are the Galaxy ready to lose Julian Araujo plus Efrain Alvarez?

Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter react to the latest rumors involving Galaxy players. And they pretend like no signings are ever going to be made. Surely this isn’t the team that will face off against the reigning MLS Cup Champions on February 25th in one of the largest games MLS has ever held?

So what pieces are the LA Galaxy missing? And why is Isco another sign that things aren’t going well?

Plus, AppleTV is launching MLS Season Pass on February 1st. And they just dropped a bunch more names that will improve your experience. Cobi Jones adds more Galaxy flair to the list of good broadcasters. And are they done?


Finally, enjoy the trainwreck that is show number 1,003. Where the only positive thing is Kevin Baxter’s covid test.