Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy - Mark Delgado

PODCAST: Tyler Boyd to the LA Galaxy? And Jalen Neal is impressing

With the LA Galaxy targeting a winger, will they be able to get everyone settled for the start of the season? Seems unlikely.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy have a target in mind after they played Saturday night’s game without proper wingers. So does a 28-year-old former US Men’s National Team fit the bill? 

Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter are back to talk about the first real test of the boycott, the Galaxy’s loss to New York City, and why Jalen Neal seems to be the biggest takeaway from the preseason. 

The guys will start by giving you an update on the Rose Bowl game that is now 19 days away (as we recorded) and why it seems unlikely, the Galaxy will have a completed team before then. So what does it say about the Galaxy and Greg Vanney’s mindset heading into an El Trafico that could have more than 70,000 people there?

Josh and Kevin will then talk about the preseason game with a lot of action outside the stadium and some good looks inside the stadium. But will a preseason game move the needle for AEG?

Finally, the guys will talk about Tyler Boyd’s return from Turkey. What could his signing mean for the Galaxy? And who would he replace once the team is fully built out? Is he the answer to the Galaxy’s Grandsir problem?

Thanks for coming along for another Monday edition of CoG. We’ll see you all Thursday.