Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy - Greg Vanney

PODCAST: Prepping for SKC, the LA Galaxy are still many pieces short of a completed puzzle

The LA Galaxy are looking for a rebound after the loss to Dallas. But does Sporting KC offer them that chance? Let’s talk about it!

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy are sprinting into their second match day. But they haven’t beaten Sporting KC since 2019, and Greg Vanney doesn’t have a great record against Peter Vermes. So what does that mean for a rainy Saturday night in Kansas? The almost great club of Cristiano Ronaldo?

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Sophie Nicolaou discuss the year some movies came out, a movie star they had a crush on, and, oh yeah, the Galaxy!

They’ll start by talking about some general assessments of the club before heading into the weekend matchup with SKC, and they’ll talk about the pieces that everyone expects to arrive. 

Josh and Sophie will also talk about some Spanish legends making appearances with some Galaxy players (Pau Gasol, Iker Casillas) and why Riqui Puig looks like your kid brother that gets you in trouble all the time. Is there a rift with Dejan Joveljic?

Your hosts will then talk about Leagues Cup and why the Galaxy and every other team in MLS and Liga Mx will take this tournament seriously while also prepping you for the game on Saturday. 

Will the rain be coming down in KC? Will the Galaxy find a way to make up for some seriously downgraded pieces? And whats with Chase Gasper, Sega Coulibaly, Javier Hernandez, and Douglas Costa? We’ve got it all for you!

Thanks for joining us! We hope you were entertained for at least five minutes. We can’t be expected to be engaging for more than that!