Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy - Tyler Boyd

PODCAST: LA Galaxy implode in Houston — pressure mounts for El Trafico and wins

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — And you probably didn’t think it could get any worse. But then a bad loss on the road turns into an international embarrassment. And the LA Galaxy’s brand erodes even further. 

Funny that the Galaxy had a real chance at gaining some momentum heading into a lopsided El Trafico without Supporters Groups in the stadium. And now? Is there a response that makes up for two boneheaded plays and two red cards in a game that may have already been decided?

Hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the faults of the Galaxy in the game against Houston and why all the pressure is cooking this club. And they don’t seem to be reacting well. 

Josh and Kevin will give some broad strokes about the 3-0 loss to Houston. Still, it will be a much more comprehensive look at the club, how it’s been created in the offseason, and why an incomplete club is still an indictment of a Galaxy side that is dealing with a summer international transfer ban while being overly selective in the primary window. 

But the loss isn’t just their sixth winless game of the season, it’s also part of the mounting frustration from inside the locker room. 

Has Vanney lost the locker room? Who can fire whom? Why is Vanney not on the hot seat right now? And a lot more. 

We’ve got a stellar 90-minute show just waiting for you. We’ll just call it group therapy.