Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy - Greg Vanney

PODCAST: Limping into El Traffico. LA Galaxy in Context with Noise!

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy have had a wildly emotional week. From dueling open letters to a defender put on waivers to a press conference full of context and feelings. 

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Christian Miles dive into everything crazy that’s happened this week and get you ready for an El Trafico with so many things coming together, there are storylines everywhere, from everything and everyone!

The guys will start by wishing everyone a happy Galaxy anniversary. They’ll dive into the Chase Gasper waivers and then onto the announcement of Will Misselbrook — where there’s a “Will,” there’s a way. 

Josh and Christian will talk about the open letter Chris Klein sent to Season Ticket Members and then the response from the LA Riot Squad President. Did Chicharito try to end the boycott for ACB?

Then Greg Vanney went on the rampage about “context” and “trusting the process.” Does Vanney have a point? Does three points from six games also have a point? And is Vanney lacking context about what has transpired since before his LA arrival?

Finally, the guys will talk about the buzz saw that is the first El Trafico. How many different storylines can you keep track of for this game? And is this the answer for a struggling team – a rivalry match?