PODCAST: The window is closed, and the LA Galaxy get a win over Austin!

The win over Austin was expected. Even for a winless LA Galaxy side. Are they back on track?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy got their first win of the season. And excuse us if we think it’s not a big deal. The Galaxy played a sub-par Austin FC side and dominated them for large stretches of the game.

On today’s show, Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter get you through the end (almost) of the Transfer window and the reinstatement of LA Galaxy President Chris Klein. While also talking about the success of the club against Austin. 

What did the atmosphere feel like inside the stadium? Why was it so quiet for a Saturday night under the lights? Why open the berm when the stadium was far from sold out?

Josh and Kevin will talk about the formation and why Greg Vanney was pleased with the two-forward set he went with on Saturday night. Plus, who is the key to the transforming 4-4-2? And why is Julian Aude and the rest of the youthful back line a really, really surprising and gutsy feature of this Galaxy defense?

The guys will cover the moves made by the Galaxy, with Gino Vivi and Mauricio Cuevas being added to the roster. Is this enough of an action to keep Galaxy-faithful satisfied? And when you answer no to that, whose fault is it?

Join us for a fun night of transfer deadline news and a lot of Galaxy talk!