Photo by Jon Lorentz / LA Galaxy


Congratulations LA Galaxy fans. You’re 2014 MLS Cup Champions. And after a year of what some say was “second best” the LA Galaxy hoisted their record breaking fifth MLS Cup in front of 27,000 at StubHub Center on Sunday night.

Your hosts, Josh Guesman and Cory Ritzau take you back over the grueling overtime victory and discuss who the best players were and what it felt like to watch the LA Galaxy go up early in the 2nd half only to see New England score late in the game.

They’ll give you some behind-the-scenes info on how the MLS Cup MVP was picked and they’ll relive all the emotions that went into that final, Robbie Keane game-winning goal from a wonderful pass by Marcelo Sarvas.

But in MLS you never get a chance to breath. And without much fanfare, preparations for the the 2015 season are already underway.

The boys will talk both the Expansion Draft and the Waiver Draft as they do their best to interpret MLS’ crazy rules and get you into the mindset of a general manager.

It’s a show packed full of LA Galaxy information and, as always, we’re thankful you chose to spend some time with us.

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