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CoG: Short Corner – Back Pocket Memory

It’s not everyday you get to have serious artists come into the studio to talk soccer and music. And to find out they’re great guys with a real passion for what they do only adds to the excitement.

On this very special edition of Corner of the Galaxy: Short Corner Josh is joined in-studio by local SoCal band, Back Pocket Memory.

Together they talk about how their LA Galaxy fandom started, where they met, how they write songs and everything in-between.

“There are these unicorns of songs, basically, that someone will come in with a part, and on the fly, through some sort of strange… psychic communication, you can write a song.” – Jason Montgomery (Drummer, Back Pocket Memory)

On this show we’ll also play some of their great music as everyone contemplates what genre they fit into, who they sound like, and what has Rock become.

But through it all you’ll still be listening to guys who love soccer and bring their passionate point of view to the beautiful game and their work.

“I’ve always been a huge soccer fan my whole life. I played soccer growing up. It was actually the first sport I fell in love with.”- Chris Pennington (Vocalist, Back Pocket Memory)

Back Pocket Memory have new music coming out later this year and hopefully we can convince them to come back and talk to us again once it’s out.

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 Back Pocket Memory


(Left to Right - Chris Pennington, Jason Montgomery, Josh Guesman (CoG) and Eddie Rosales) . Photo by Andrew Schmidt
Left to Right – Chris Pennington, Jason Montgomery, Josh Guesman (CoG) and Eddie Rosales at CoG Studios. Photo by Andrew Schmidt