Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

Rovers 0-1 LA Galaxy: Twitter Recap

I feel like we’ve fallen back into the dark days of soccer media again. No stream for the LA Galaxy’s biggest game of the European Tour? It was our chance to see Robbie Keane worshipped like the king he is, by people who simply can’t get enough of him, in his hometown. IT’S IN DUBLIN!

But, not to despair fine LA Galaxy fans, for we have a magical machine that gives us text updates from someone who was actually there.

Therefore, we bring you a full (almost) TWITTER RECAP OF THE GAME.

Rowe is in goal. Gargan returns from a training knock and Omar and Leo are paired in the center. Hey, there’s that Vayrynen guy again (He’s from Finland). Be interesting to see if he shows up in LA after the 14 hour flight back. And then Keano and Gordo go up top with Zardes in place of Landon Donovan.

I have nothing interesting to say about the bench. Except to say that Dunivant isn’t there (although we’ll see him later) and a little birdie told me that Jamieson has some sort of bug. So not surprised to see him resting.

Here we go!!!

This is awkward… no stream? Oh, yeah – twitter!

Do you think when Keane gets out of bed in the morning he looks dangerous? Because other than that one time Alan Gordon plowed over him on the sideline, he’s always looked dangerous to me!

All together now: Ahhhhhhh

The back-post chip is basically Robbie Keane’s influence on the LA Galaxy. And now he’s got Ishizaki doing it. I wouldn’t put it past Keano to back-post chip his wife in a charity game. Wait, did that sound dirty? Minds out of the gutter, please!

With no regards to Hu… the goal. With no regards to the location of the goal.

The Finnish finish. If you also made this joke on twitter then congratulations, you also swing at low hanging fruit.

But this is good news for the trialist. Vayrynen looked quick in the Hammarby friendly and I’d like to see more of him. But at this point, it looks like the Galaxy are going to “think about it.”

I do not look forward to spelling his name (V-A-Y-R-Y-N-E-N) if he does join the LA Galaxy. But without actually seeing this game, I’m not sure I have a great opinion on whether Bruce should sign him.

HALFTIME! Let’s get some tacos! Breakfast tacos that is.

If Alan Gordon had a bike, would it be a mountain bike or beach cruiser? I know you immediately all said beach cruiser. But Alan seems like the kind of guy who likes to eff stuff up on occasion. Doesn’t a Mountain Bike give him a better chance at that?

At Halftime Omar Gonzalez came OFF for Tommy Meyer.

67′ – Gargan OFF for Dunivnant.

Juninho is going to have to stop being the ‘Little Brazilian.’ Need HUGE things from him this season. Goals, defense and attack. He needs to do it all. Including turning into the handsome Brazilian. I think he should wear his glasses more.

Uh, oh. Can we put the starters back in?

Side Note: The first time the press was able to talk to Ishizaki Scott French asked him if he was comfortable answering questions in english. Ishi says “what?” and shakes his head like he doesn’t understand. Then proceeds to tell us that that he’s been speaking english since 2nd or 3rd grade and puts us all to shame with his vocabulary. Proof that I’m basically a lazy american.

Rogers getting 84 minutes is a good thing. Like to see him healthy.

This is the big moment we missed. There is no one bigger person in Ireland than Robbie Keane. His hometown salutes him and this tweet almost gave me goosebumps… almost.

Zardes got the oil change promo, so now it’s time someone spends some money on the Nacho promo. I want free Nachos from someone when Maganto scores. Is this too much to ask? Stupid question – No! Also, when Nacho “chips” the ball I chuckle.

That’s it. The LA Galaxy get their preseason record to 5-1-0. The only actually impressive win comes against the Sounders. A Hammarby win would’ve been much better than that loss, but it’s still just preseason.


Not a whole lot. Especially not being able to see the team.

Bruce showed he’s not afraid to mix up the lineups and he seems to have a plethora of options available to him. Zardes at left-mid is an easy one to point out, but starting Keane and Gordon up top is also interesting. There will be times, when Bruce may want to use Gordon’s size on a smaller defense so don’t be surprised when you see him starting up top with Keane.

And if Nacho or Robbie Rogers isn’t pressed into service at left-mid then I’d expect it to be anchored by Zardes. Although I’m not sure I love that lineup, it’s still something Arena could put out.

Really this just sets up more questions for the LA Galaxy as they head back from a 14 hour flight and start prepping for their preseason finale against San Jose. I’d expect to see an almost complete starting lineup with a few question marks thrown out for final looks.

The season is almost upon us and you can feel it. As long as a CBA gets signed, March 6th at the StubHub center is right around the corner.