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Short Corner: MLS CBA Update with Jeff Carlisle

Talking the MLS CBA with’s Jeff Carlisle.

On this episode of Corner of the Galaxy: Short Corner your host Josh Guesman talks with’s Jeff Carlisle. Right on the tail of publishing his most recent MLS CBA article, Jeff gets in-depth and in-detail in an attempt to drill down to the roadblocks and pitfalls of a possible agreement.

Jeff talks about how the players may’ve backed themselves into a corner, and how dedicated the union (MLSPU) and it’s members are to make sure free agency is included in this agreement.

They’ll also talk about the public relations battle and who’s winning it. Have the owners played all their cards? Or have they quietly been talking about single entity and what free agency could do to it? What happens when there is no middle ground? Jeff and Josh discuss it all so that you can understand all the elements going into this very complicated situation.

This MLS CBA is vitally important to whether or not the league will operate in 2015. A work stoppage looks likely. But would that solves no one’s problems!

Then Josh tries his best to answer your questions.

It’s a packed show with detailed information on the Collective Bargaining Agreement!

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