Short Corner: Volley Apparel Football Club

We’re taking a deeper look at Elvis Romero and Volley Apparel Football Club. He’s doing his best to bring out some of the best looking “football” inspired clothing in Southern California.

On today’s episode of CoG: Short Corner we’re joined by the creator and founder of Volley Apparel Football Club (VAFC), Elvis Romero to talk about his passion for the sport of soccer. He’ll tell us how he gets you the newest designs and also how he sees the world of soccer apparel.

Because soccer isn’t always about what’s happening on the field, Elvis explains how it’s about how you look and the options you have at your fingertips.

Simply, this is a man who has a passion for the sport and how it’s perceived through fashion. And if you’re listening real close there might even be a giveaway for one lucky guy and girl to get some of the latest in VAFC’s line.

So get out there and support those who support soccer. Elvis Romero is one of those people who see the world of soccer in the United States as a blank canvas ready to be filled by great design.

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