Brittany Campbell

CoG: The LA Galaxy, Bruce Arena’s Curtain, and Team Dinners

On today’s show, your hosts discuss the loss to FC Dallas and talk about all the LA Galaxy ┬ánews you’ve missed including a team dinner.

CoG Studios, CA – Coming off an LA Galaxy loss, this show takes a look at the team and where we see some serious shortcomings. By anyone’s definition, this team has grossly underperformed this year. Was FC Dallas just the latest game to see the Galaxy come out flat? Or is it about the age of this team and the underperformance of its stars?

On today’s episode, your hosts Josh Guesman and Wendy Thomas will attempt to give you their best insights into the LA Galaxy. Together they’ll take you into some of the motivations behind Bruce Arena’s aloof and sarcastic demeanor, and they’ll try and give you the perspective on how to view this team and it’s head coach.

Josh and Wendy will also get into the news of the week when they discuss the team dinner that was held on Tuesday night and what that could mean for a team that is trying to reset itself before a playoff push. Does this finally acknowledge that the LA Galaxy have a chemistry problem? Or is something else at play here?

Finally, your hosts will dig into Major League Soccer’s travel issue as a great article by Kevin Baxter shows some light on some of the unglamorous ways teams are getting to an away game. And why Major League Soccer might not be too happy about it, but individual MLS teams are nodding in agreement. And should anyone really feel bad for “millionaires” when they have to travel coach like the rest of us? It’s a good debate. What do you want in terms of competition? Do you think the travel puts MLS road teams at a disadvantage?

Today’s show is a great way to stretch your legs on a bunch of topics we usually wouldn’t have any time to get to because we’d be previewing a game. But with most of Major League Soccer on an international break – the LA Galaxy don’t play again until October 16th – we thought we’d get into some great discussions.

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