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Podcast: Onalfo Needs Wins. But the LA Galaxy Might be Better Suited with a Different Result.

On today’s show, your hosts will discuss the myriad of problems facing the LA Galaxy and predict two reasonable outcomes that start with a loss on Saturday.

CoG Studios, CA – The LA Galaxy have put their fans in a tough position. With a draw to the Philadelphia Union, and ahead of a four-game road trip that will see stops at two east coast destinations, the Galaxy will need to face a dangerous Chicago Fire team in hopes of salvaging some respect after earning just four points from their first five games at home this season.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Wendy Thomas, will talk about the draw to the Union and what that did or didn’t show us. Was any foothold placed to stop the Galaxy’s slide? Or was the formation a band-aid and the result a searing condemnation of what this Galaxy team has become?

Your hosts will dive into the formation, the changes that were made and why that poses a problem for the game this Saturday.

Then Josh and Wendy will do their best to evaluate the current stability of Galaxy Head Coach Curt Onalfo’s tenuous grasp on his job. If a loss comes against the Fire when should the team pull the plug? What is best for the Galaxy? And what could still be a very likely scenario?

Finally, Josh gives you another epic intro to the Galaxy’s Saturday night matchup — because if the games aren’t exciting, then at least the introductions should be. And they’ll wrap up the full show with predictions that are sure to be horrendously wrong.

This isn’t an upbeat show. This isn’t a place to get happy about your Galaxy. This is a show that shows just how far this team and organization have fallen since last winning an MLS Cup in 2014.

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Note: We had some problems with our connection tonight. We apologize for the lack of quality and we’re sorry we couldn’t get to everyone’s calls. Technology has a way of making sure your best-laid plans are ruined. Tonight was one of those nights. But we’re glad you joined us. We’ll strive to always give you the highest quality show we can produce and we realize tonight wasn’t up to our very high standards.