Steve Carrillo

Podcast: LA Galaxy Fireworks, Fast Times, and Jelle Cards

On today’s show, your hosts will take you back over the key things they learned from the LA Galaxy loss to San Jose. Plus lots of injury updates!

CoG Studios, CA – The LA Galaxy are back in action again as they attempt to rebound from a bad loss to the San Jose Earthquakes. They’ve only had four days and they’ll be without their captain, Jelle Van Damme. But on paper, is Real Salt Lake the team they beat at home for the first time in 88 days?

Your hosts, CoG’s, Josh Guesman, and, LA Times Sports Writer, Kevin Baxter are here to get you caught up to speed on what is happening with the Galaxy as the shortest of weeks gets ready to start and then quickly end. Kevin is back from vacation and right back into the swing of things as the Galaxy head toward their first break in a very long time. But first, they’ll have to play against RSL.

Josh and Kevin will go over all the important talking points that came out of the loss to the ‘Quakes. There’s handball talk, late game collapses and why this game is better than it looks. They’ll also get deep into a discussion about passionate players and how that can always go wrong. Was Van Damme wrong to have been upset? Did the referee compound his mistake by being there to get yelled at? Or does all the fault lie with Van Damme? Maybe even Onalfo gets some blame?

And straight from training, Kevin gets you updated on most the Galaxy’s injuries and why you could see some guys on the bench you haven’t seen in awhile. Plus they’ll get you caught up on suspensions, international absences and more.

This week isn’t just about RSL, although the guys will get you ready for that game. It’s also about how much rest the Galaxy can cram into their tired legs before having to play an Open Cup game on July 10th.

It’s a great show, and we’re so glad you could join us. Thanks for listening to Corner of the Galaxy.