Steve Carrillo

Podcast: Bad Sushi, Bad Cards, Bad Pedro! Is This LA Galaxy Team Good Enough?

On today’s show, your hosts will get you deep into the LA Galaxy and their 1-0 loss to Vancouver as they prepare you for a tough game against New England.

CoG Studios, CA – The LA Galaxy dropped another home game. They’ve only won once at StubHub Center in 2017, and it doesn’t look like the road gets any easier. The question must be asked: Is this Galaxy team good enough?

Your hosts Josh Guesman and Britt Pergl are here to walk you through 60+ minutes of Galaxy talk and to make sure you understand where this team stands. Together they’ll get into a plethora of topics and answer a bunch of listener questions in an attempt to make you sound like the smartest Galaxy fan at your next tailgate.

They’ll start by trying to understand what went right and what went wrong for the Galaxy as they lost to the Vancouver Whitecaps. And they’ll even attempt to understand what is causing so many issues at StubHub Center for the club. Is it a mental block? A mindset that just isn’t carrying them past the finish line when it matters most? Are captains and veterans failing to lead the team? Or is the problem with the amount of talent the Galaxy are playing with and the lack of leadership from the bench and front office?

Your calls are the highlight of this show as we get into some bad sushi, some positive thoughts and a whole bunch of calls calling the Galaxy front office to stop messing around!

Plus, Josh and Britt will get you updated on all your Galaxy news. Where did one of the rumored Designated Player targets end up landing? And how realistic was he going to be? And it’s been awfully quiet surrounding Zlatan’s possible future with the club. Are talks dead? Josh will give you all the news you ever wanted to know. As well as give you updates on Galaxy All-Stars and Video Assistant Referee (coming to an MLS game near you very soon).

Finally, they’ll get you ready for the Galaxy’s very long trip across the country to face a New England Revolution team that hasn’t played since July 5th. Don’t you just love MLS scheduling?

The second half of the season is underway. So someone should really tell the Galaxy!

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