Steve Carrillo

Podcast: No Guarantee For LA Galaxy in 2018. It Could Happen Here Too!

On today’s show, your hosts discuss the LA Galaxy and their season finale against FC Dallas. Should they embrace the Wooden Spoon?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. – This is it! You made it! The 2017 season has only one merciful game remaining, and the LA Galaxy have a bunch of reasons to win the game, as well as ideas as to why they might lose the game.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Britt Pergl will be talking about all the Galaxy news and information they can fit into a 90-minute show. They’ll even dip into league-wide concerns as the Columbus Crew make headlines with a possible relocation.

But first Josh and Britt want to talk about some of the more important takeaways from the season and the Galaxy’s last win. With the big overarching question about whether or not the club has learned anything from the mistakes of 2017.

Your hosts will talk about some of the more critical personnel for next season and why questions should be asked about their overall fit with the team. Should Gyasi Zardes be given a shot on the 2018 side? Or does Giovanni dos Santos make that almost impossible? Would the Galaxy be wise to sell Bradford Jamieson IV or Emmanuel Boateng? As standouts for the season, are they have the most value to find room in a crowded midfield?

And if you bring Jermaine Jones back, or Ashley Cole, can the Galaxy absorb the salary cap hit they introduce with raises? Could salaries be cut to make that happen?

Finally, Britt will tell you why she wants the Galaxy to win the trophy they’ve never won — the Wooden Spoon! And Josh will argue about why you shouldn’t just write this last game off! There are plenty of reasons beating FC Dallas would be a good thing. The first of which is they aren’t that good.

It’s a great show packed with all the Galaxy talk you can stand! Thanks for joining us during a trying 2017 campaign.

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