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Podcast: LA Galaxy Buy a Norwegian – We Pronounce his name! And Draft-A-Palooza!

On today’s show, we discuss the newest Norwegian acquisition and say goodbye to Jack McBean. Plus all the LA Galaxy draft coverage you can handle.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy are jumping into “draft season” with both feet. They survived the Expansion Draft, and passed on the Waiver Draft, only to get ready to hit the ground running the first and second stages of the Re-Entry Draft, right?

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman, and Larry Morgan are here to get you up to date on all the Galaxy news that’s happened over the last four days. And that includes the signing of everyone’s favorite new tongue-twister, Norwegian Jorgen Skjelvic.

The guys will go back over the Waiver Draft results and tell you why Clement Diop will be back where they speak French and why Jon Kempin may not want to buy a house in his next stopping off point.

Josh and Larry will also discuss the trade of Jack McBean and what that means for the Galaxy and McBean. And as you know, McBean is one of Josh’s favorite players, but for some reason, he’s not sad. What gives?

Then the guys move to Skjelvic and tell you why he might be a steal for the price the Galaxy paid. And what exactly is that price? Josh has some great insight into what exactly the club may be paying.

Finally, the guys wrap up the show with an explanation of the Re-Entry Drafts and who the Galaxy might want to target in the first stage.

And maybe, just maybe, they’ll give you reasons not to panic when it comes to the Galaxy’s starting lineup as of right now. Are the Galaxy already a deep team? Explanations are aplenty.

Thanks for joining us on this offseason episode of Corner of the Galaxy. We’re glad you could join us and hope you’re having an incredible holiday season!

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