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Podcast: Cole’s red card the “best” thing to happen to the LA Galaxy

On today’s show, your host walks you through the LA Galaxy victory over the New England Revolution. They got lucky, but what did it really tell us about this team?

CoG Studios, CA — The LA Galaxy got a lucky win against the New England Revolution on Saturday night. Thanks to goals from Chris Pontius and Dave Romney in stoppage time, and despite having played up a man from the 25-minute on, the club stole three points from the Revolution. But what did we learn from this exercise?

On today’s show, your host Josh Guesman (Kevin Baxter is in Russia and not feeling good), will discuss all the important parts of this game. He’ll tell you where the big mistakes were made on defense and why the Galaxy can’t seem to play from the man advantage.

He’ll definitely break down the scoring chances for the club and tell you why being direct works for the club. Conversely, Josh will look at why the Galaxy’s defense continues to struggle and where that weak link really is.

But most importantly, we’ll get a chance to focus in on the Galaxy’s success and failures in this game while also understanding that this isn’t something the Galaxy can try to emulate. And that possession for the club is something they don’t want and don’t need to deal with.

In fact, the Galaxy are a team that can only beat you one way. And that involves being direct, and not passing too much. If the Galaxy have the majority of the possession, they probably lost the game.

Josh will also cover the absences of Ibrahimovic and why it’s not the Galaxy’s job to worry about filling other teams’ stadiums. Plus, why Ashley Cole is just going to pay everyone’s fines from referee criticism from here on out!

We’ve got nearly 60 minutes of Galaxy-talk headed your way! Don’t miss it!

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