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Podcast: Backs against the wall, LA Galaxy need points to make playoffs

On today’s show, your hosts will walk you through the draw with LAFC and try and determine if the LA Galaxy learned a valuable lesson on defense. Plus, the playoffs are going to be tough to make.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy may have earned a 1-1 draw with LAFC on Friday night, but the single point they gained did relatively little for their playoff hopes. But the game could mean more than just a single point and that’s what the team is hoping for.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter are back to give you all the latest in Galaxy-talk. The guys are primed and ready after a busy weekend of gathering information and have some interesting angles to talk about with regards to the club, the front office, the coaching staff, and the players.

First, the guys will go over the important takeaways from the draw and season series win against LAFC. The physicality alone was a reason to think the Galaxy learned something in this game. Dave Romney, Rolf Feltscher, Jorgen Skjelvik, Chris Pontius and Ashley Cole all played wonderfully together. And David Bingham made his best save of the year to deny LAFC more than a single point — even Daniel Steres made a late-game stop to preserve the draw.

But Zlatan Ibrahimovic wasn’t happy with the way the game ended and he thought the club left points on the table again. And he’s probably right.

Galaxy players treated the game like a loss afterward, but there seemed to be a sparkle that this team had a coming together moment in the end. Can this be the catalyst for success down the final seven games of the season?

Then the guys take the playoffs, the number of points the Galaxy could get, and what the total number of points might mean to a playoff race. And that all leads into our initial discussions of why this game against Real Salt Lake is so important.

We’ve got a great show for you, just waiting to dispell rumors and create others, and it all starts right now!

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