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Quotes: LA Galaxy post-game quote sheet after the draw with LAFC

LA Galaxy Post-Game Quote Sheet vs LAFC

Below, you will find the complete LA Galaxy post-game quote sheet from their 1-1 draw with LAFC on Friday, August 24.


On getting this result with so many injuries:

“Well I thought we played a lot better this week than we did last week in Seattle for sure. Defensively, we shored some things up. I thought our intensity was really good. I thought the first half was really good for us. It’s unfortunate to give away the penalty. They were around the goal in the second half and had some chances, but we had some chances at the other end and I think we were a little too unselfish. We need to be a little more selfish and pull the trigger ourselves. But in terms of the effort, and the quality, and desire they showed after last week’s game, I was really pleased.”

On winning the series against LAFC but only getting a point to the playoff cause:

“It’s still a point. A point helps. It’s better than zero. Winning the season series is important as well. I think this is the 10th season series we’ve won this year against teams. If you can win a majority of your season’s series that’s a good thing. We still have some open accounts out there so next week is Salt Lake and we want to get points out of there and that will win that season series. So, if we keep doing that I think we’ll be okay. But certainly, we would’ve preferred three points.

On the Galaxy’s physicality:

“We’ve been talking about it all week (the physicality). I think we needed to do that. And some guys stood up in terms of that. Because I think at times we’ve been – we’ve just been too soft and we haven’t used our strength. That doesn’t mean playing dirty or making fouls or anything – I know we led in yellow cards today. Rolf (Feltscher) helps us because he’s a little more physical out there. Jorgan (Skjelvik) played more physically today. Dave Romney’s played more physically, today as well. In midfield, I think our challenges got tighter to people and we were there. I mean obviously, Jair Maruffo lets a very physical game play anyway. So that was something we talked about as well.

On what else they did better in the match

“We just got closer to people. We closed people off. We did a better job of communicating and rotating. They have a midfield that does a lot of rotating and we did a better job of stepping up and rotating there. Sebastian Lletget did a good job of pressing high and early at times, so that helped our defense. And I thought we were more organized. Our wide players got up more. Ashley (Cole) got forward more than (Chris) Pontius, we’d like to see Pontius get forward more naturally and that’s something we continue to work on.”

On the atmosphere in the stadium:

“It’s always good. I’ve got to be honest, I was a little surprised that their supporters were able to sit right there. I know in other places where I’ve coached usually the visiting supporters are as far away from the field as possible. So maybe that’s something we’ve got to look at. But it’s a rivalry, for sure. You could sense it. You could feel it. Yeah, the playoffs were an important part of the game tonight – because teams are fighting for either playoff position or to get into the playoffs. But certainly, it’s the rivalry that brought a lot of the intensity out.”

On if it was the best first half he’s seen from LA Galaxy this season:

“We were better. I thought we were also when we were playing the ball forward. I think there were a couple of times we were maybe a little too direct and maybe needed to be a little less direct. And there were a few times where we built out of the back. But obviously, we want to take advantage of getting the ball to Ibra when we can. He’s a nice luxury to have, sometimes, when you can float a ball up there and he can hold on to it and you can run off of it. We need to find that balance, but in terms of our effort and all that I thought it was great.”

On David Bingham’s save:

“It was a good save and that’s what goalkeepers need to do. I mean the hardest thing for a goalkeeper sometimes – I mean it’s easy when a team is peppering you with a lot of shots  and you get a lot of action and you can make saves here and there – but when you’re not really peppered with a lot of shots, and I mean they got around the goal but there weren’t a lot of shots, per say, when you’re not peppered with a lot of shots and then you’re called upon to make a big save, that’s pretty important. Obviously, that was a big save at that point.”


On if there was a pass missing in the final third:

“When we’re in the attack, we always want to get Ibrahimovic involved at some point, and especially at the end. I thought we probably could’ve done a better job, including myself; I don’t know if I was tired or fatigued… I definitely think it’s a shame they got the penalty, it was a clear penalty, but I thought we had them until that point.”

On the commitment shown by the team:

“In a way, we were afraid of that. We were so up for this game, and we knew we need to keep this up for every game. We need to show that first half every single time we step out on the field. I know it’s a derby game, but we need to maintain this mentality. I’m glad we did show it. We showed everyone that we can do this if we really want to and commit. I thought it was very good the first half.”

On the energy:

“There was a big difference in all of us. It was just the commitment, working for each other and not being afraid to play, especially in this occasion, we can’t be afraid. We have to have the courage and I think we showed it at times.”

On not getting three points:

“Definitely looking at the board after the game we checked the new scores, and stuff like that, I know we’re in fifth but a lot of teams have games in hand. It’s not looking too good right now, but we just have to focus on next game. We know we have to win, at least, four or five. And if we do win five, I think we’re in the clear but it’s still going to be tough.”

On watching other teams’ results:

“Absolutely. It’s just a shame that we have those 27 games played, I think. There’s teams that are below us that have maybe three or four games in hand. So hopefully those scores don’t go against us and we keep gaining points. So that’s kind of the point of those.”

On the rivalry:

“I think at the end of the game, even at the highest level, you can see that we have respect for each other. But when the whistle blows we know what time it is, and they do too. And I think our fans do too. It’s amazing to see the StubHub this lit up and the hostility and the energy. It’s incredible.”

On if a lesson was learned:

“Absolutely there was a lesson learned. In a positive way. I’d say individually we just need to show up more. We know we have it in us. Sometimes in training, we’re like ‘guys we need to show this out there.’ We can’t just think that we have talent and that it’s just going to work out itself. We have to put in the effort. So moving forward, it’s definitely something we need to show.”

On if he thought there was a penalty on Jakovic:

“Yeah, I thought so. But they’ll ever give it to us in the StubHub, for whatever reason.”



On the defense tonight:

“Yes, the defensive performance was good, especially in the first half. We came out and really just manhandled in the first half, we looked really good. We knew in the second half they were going to come out and throw a little more on the attack, and they did. They got the PK and the rest is history.”

On the commitment and energy tonight:

“Yeah, it was high today. LAFC at home with only a few games left and we knew we needed to pick up some points. And tonight we missed that opportunity.”

On the defense for the next games:

“But it’s not just the defense, it’s everyone on the field. It looked like men against boys in the first half, and we have to keep that going for the rest of the year.”

On the save against Benny [Feilhaber] and the potential offside call:

“He comes through and he tries to dribble me, but I’m able to come across and get a hand on it. It doesn’t matter, the refs put their flag up or don’t put their flag up. You don’t even know what the rule is anymore, you just play it and see what happens.”

On the encouragement with the defensive performance:

“Yes, it was good. But at the end of the day, we would rather play bad and win the game than play good and tie or lose. We need to win a lot of these games coming up and that’s the only thing that really matters.”

On whether the team is keeping an eye on other game’s results:

“No, with our place in the standings we don’t need to watch anyone. If we take care of our business, then we’re fine.”



On the match:

“I think everything was good until we came to their box. The last pass was not good at all. This game we could win easy, it was an easy game. We were much better than them and we had great chances but the last pass was totally opposite of what it should be and we could have scored three or four to zero easily.”

On the commitment shown from the team:

“It was good. You could see we were hungry and we had a lot of will. We wanted it so much and the intensity of the game was very good, and like I said, until their box and the last final [pass], everything was perfect.”

On the defense:

“Yeah but still, we conceded a goal.”

“Like I said, the game was perfect until the last final part of the field. And that’s the area of them.  That is where the final pass was totally opposite than we should have done. Like I said before,  the rest was good.”

What was lacking in the final third:

“The last pass. The last pass. The last pass was lacking.”

On missing important players in the final third:

“It’s nothing we can discuss now because the game was played without them and we did a good game. Like I said, it was an easy game and we should have won easy. Easy. I know when I play the games I would say if the game is difficult, I would say it. If the game is impossible, I would say it. But the game was easy. We were much better than them until the final part of the field, where we should have destroyed them. But we didn’t, and we gave them one point.”

On losing the two points and how that doesn’t help:

“It doesn’t. It doesn’t. But still, we have game to go and hopefully, I prefer to do shit the whole field except the last part of the field. There we do good and we score the goals there so we win the game.”

 On what he thought of his game:

“I was active. I was hungry. I wanted it a lot. The goal I scored, I had a couple of chances in the first half and I tried to put it in. The second, I was just waiting for that final ball to bury the goalkeeper, but it didn’t come. I tried, I did some simple mistakes I shouldn’t have done. And that’s it.”

On winning the season series against LAFC:

“It doesn’t give me nothing. I prefer to win the trophy than to win against them. Like I said, it was an easy game. We are much better than them.”

On the playoffs:

“I hope so. I mean, that’s the objective. To reach the playoff and not to win the series against LAFC. Because the focus is not them. The focus is the playoff. And then from the playoff you take it further and try to win the whole thing. Let’s see, I don’t know how many games is left, six or seven? Seven. So we have to take the points we need to make the playoff, but I think it’s too early to speak.”

On if the team is scoreboard watching yet:

“I never watch other ones. I watch my team. And I like to be dependent on my team. So we have everything in our hands but hopefull,y the other teams lose points and we can make it.”

On if he had frustration on how the game progressed:

“Yeah. Like I said before, we did everything good until the final part of the field, in the box area of the opponent. Where the final pass wasn’t delivered good and we did too many mistakes. Because we got many chances. We came in situations four against two, and two against two. And normally you should not come into situations like that if your opponent is good. And they were not good. And we came in in good situations to use it to score goals, but we didn’t.”