Title Image - Photo by Steve Carrillo
Photo by Steve Carrillo

Podcast: Danger LA Galaxy. Danger.

The LA Galaxy lost a game full of controversy and baffling referee decisions. And now they have to live with the consequences while getting ready for Sporting KC.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy just lost a game at Colorado. There was controversy, anger, and a whole bunch of red warning flags for a team that just can’t seem to get any breaks!

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira are back to discuss all the ridiculous calls and why the Galaxy didn’t play nearly bad enough to lose. But they also didn’t play good enough to win. Or did they?

The guys will start with their many takes on the game, including the starting lineup, the substitutes and why the Galaxy had the chances to make this a game worth three points.

But what happened in the final ten minutes of the game is almost beyond explanation. Josh and Eric will tell you where the referee and VAR got it right, where they got it wrong, and why the result absolutely screws the Galaxy.

They’ll even give you the referees own words so that you can make your own determination. Rolf Feltscher got kicked in the face, y’all.

Then the guys will get you updated on the latest Galaxy and CoG news before turning your attention to the “must-win” game this weekend.

We’ve got dueling dramatic intros (as promised) and some insight into why the Galaxy need to win this home game and what they can expect from a resurgent Sporting KC.

And with Zlatan Ibrahimovic standing on the precipice of Galaxy history, can his drive to become the Galaxy’s single-season top goal scorer lead the Galaxy to victory?

Finally, Eric will tell you what surprises he has up his sleeve for after the game and then the show just falls apart. Seriously. We’re tired!

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