Steve Carrillo

Podcast: Fond Memories, Fake Galaxy Games, and Making Babies in New York

Do you measure things in Ema Boatengs? And which LA Galaxy game is your favorite? We’ve got real soccer and fake soccer ready to entertain you!

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — From somewhere deep within their quarantined houses, and while hiding from sleeping kids, we bring you another episode of Corner of the Galaxy – COVID-19 Edition.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira are getting you updated on what little MLS news there is. And while the only thing that changed was just a more extended break on training, it’s still some important news that you shouldn’t be missing.

The guys will talk about the first case of the coronavirus in the professional soccer pyramid in the United States, and why it’s only a matter of time before MLS is announcing its first case.

But the majority of the show is spent talking about magnetic schedules, flip-flops, and some of the greatest Galaxy games we’ve ever witnessed.

Josh and Eric will discuss their most memorable Galaxy games – some are definitely MLS Cups – and what it was like in the locker room after the 2012 victory.

There is a lot of storytelling in this episode, and we think that will help you make some decisions on which Galaxy team is the best. And if you haven’t already voted in our bracket, make sure you do that.

We’ve got another packed show, even when there’s no new news to talk about. But it’s about 45-minutes of distraction to get you through another day at home (or at work. Maybe you’re essential. I mean, you’re all essential listeners to us!).

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands, and Don’t Hurt Your Pelvis!