Photo by Robert Mora/LA Galaxy

PODCAST: Be Quiet or We’ll Fine You — Missing Stars and Orlando

Is MLS trying to squash coverage of one of the most important decisions in the history of the league? And could the Orlando tournament fall apart because stars won’t play?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — You know all the information we’ve been relaying from reliable reporters covering the league? Well, Don Garber and Major League Soccer aren’t happy about us talking about them. That’s right, in an environment that is devoid of live sports, MLS is angry that they’re getting attention as they pick their way through all the problems of restarting the league.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter need to touch on a bunch of relevant information. That includes some details about how MLS plans to get back to soccer, and why the league might be missing some of it’s biggest stars!

The guys will start by telling you about the fourteenth missed game of the season, and why MLS is quickly running out of “postponed” games. What does that mean for Season Ticket Members?

Then it’s all about Commissioner Don Garber’s insistence that no one talks about Orlando. Apparently, the first rule of Orlando is not to talk about Orlando. With fines and employment termination on the table, Garber and MLS seem to be trying to control a story that is important to the storytelling of the league. But does MLS have the right to tell everyone to shut up? Can they stop the leaks?

And within the context of giving secrets away, Josh and Kevin will also discuss some new information — stuff that was leaked — about the Orlando experiment. That includes some testing protocols, game times, and exactly who would be quarantined.

Plus, if MLS can’t get it’s biggest names to play in Orlando, will this thing fall apart?

Josh and Kevin want to tell you why, in the early days of the Bundesliga restart, home-field advantage is disappearing, and what could that mean for the Galaxy?

It’s just another big show to get you a bit closer to the resumption of soccer here in the United States? Is that okay?