Podcast: Balotelli, a Galaxy business decision, and cap space

The LA Galaxy did what they thought was right before they found out the league would allow it. Cap space, and a chance to reload the roster.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — When the LA Galaxy agreed to a deal that would set Aleksandar Katai free of his contract, they didn’t know whether they’d be allowed to get his cap money back. And yet, they still made the business decision to part ways with him.

On today’s show, your hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter will walk you through the club’s decision-making and tell you all the details we could gather about this unusual deal.

But more questions are still being asked of the Galaxy. Should they have known about issues with Katai, and should the club be doing a better job of vetting players they bring in? After all, there are always players with questionable pasts. Can you find a way past that? Can you afford to get it wrong?

Plus, could the Galaxy be going after Mario Balotelli? It’s an outrageous rumor that could see the Italian return to Southern California.

But Josh and Kevin are also discussing the damage MLS and its owners did to the relationship with the players after a threatened lockout, and why a billion-dollar loss is a lot of money!

Plus, why are contract issues dogging the entire footballing world?

We’ve got a full show for you today! Don’t miss it!