Photo Courtesy of Major League Soccer

Podcast: Dallas Bounced as Galaxy Arrive in the Orlando Bubble for Tournament

The LA Galaxy made the long trip to Orlando just as FC Dallas officially withdrew from the tournament. Is everything safe? And how do you expect the Galaxy to play?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — FC Dallas gets bounced from the “MLS is Back” tournament on the same day that the LA Galaxy travel to the Orlando bubble. Is everything going according to plan at Walt Disney World? And could this affect the Galaxy as they arrive ready for a tournament?

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter record from opposite ends of the country. Kevin arrived in Orlando, Florida just about an hour before the Galaxy and has settled into his hotel room with his Publix in hand. So what exactly is happening on the east coast?

The guys will start by discussing some of the innovative broadcasting angles ESPN will be taking as they produce every game of this tournament. There’s some crazy tech and some interesting microphone placements, and it’s all going to be on a seven-second delay, so we don’t hear any of the naughty words!

But the bulk of the show will be centered around FC Dallas’ removal from the tournament and whether MLS is hosting the safest tournament they can. After 11 positive tests come out of Dallas’ camp, some are calling for punishment for endangering the competition and the other teams there. Should there be some pressure on the Texas club?

And the Galaxy are certainly the model of MLS with zero positive tests across their entire month of training, but was the long holiday weekend too much for some to handle? And could a positive test be waiting for the club when they arrive? Plus, some players are nervous, and some are looking forward to the “safety” of the bubble. And they’re both probably right.

We’ve got a packed show with someone who is actually in Orlando. And don’t tell Kevin, but we’re not picking up the bill on his sandwich habit.