Photo Courtesy of MLS/ LA Galaxy

Podcast: Galaxy face Portland, voodoo Zlatan takes a fall, and be excited for soccer!

The LA Galaxy play Portland on Monday. And we get to tell you all about it!

Warning, there are some audio issues when the show first starts. It looks like it was a bad internet day and nothing internal to the show. We’ll work to correct them for the next show.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — Wait for it. There’s an actual game to preview. I repeat, the LA Galaxy will play a game before our next show, and we get to talk about that! So. Let’s. Go.

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Eric Vieira start with the atmosphere and the TV production around the first couple of games in Orlando. There’s stuff to like, things to question, and indeed some elements that we didn’t like at all!

The conversation will then morph into another discussion about the mixed feelings we all have with soccer being back and players, coaches, and staff all sacrificing a lot to bring us our preferred type of entertainment. Are we allowed to be excited about soccer coming back? Or is this something we shouldn’t encourage?

Plus, there’s some Galaxy legend additions to the academy, plenty of MLS Coronavirus testing talk, and we’ll try and figure out what the positive tests mean and if MLS’s bubble has burst.

Finally, it’s a whole slate of Galaxy news, some stats, and a dramatic game preview. The Galaxy will take on the Portland Timbers in their first group-stage match of this tournament. And they may even be favorites. What outcome are you predicting?

It’s a great show full of fun twists and turns, and we’re glad that you could join us!