Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

Podcast: Colorado causes chaos, and a repeat of 2017 for the Galaxy?

The LA Galaxy need more from their Designated Players and they need a Western Conference that is a level playing field! Will MLS step in?

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy didn’t get to play their game against the Colorado Rapids this weekend, and it’s thrown the entire Western Conference into the air.

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter discuss the Galaxy’s problems with trying to reschedule that match and why Major League Soccer might have to blow up the Rapids’ season to keep everything else fair!

Plus, could the playoffs be decided by a team that hasn’t played four or five of their 23 games? And what if the league chooses to implement points-per-game as the way to settle this? Do the Galaxy stand a chance?

The guys dive into all the different issues with the Rapids and their coronavirus outbreak and why a big decision isn’t coming soon.

Plus, with Jonathan dos Santos and Rolf Feltscher away on international duty, and COVID-19 taking hold of some national teams, did MLS and the FIFA take the risk of shutting down some domestic seasons by allowing friendlies and qualifiers to go on?

But our big segment on this show is about Josh’s stats and why he was wrong about comparing 2017 with 2020. The two seasons, it seems, are very similar when it comes to some of their stats.

Josh also explains why getting the most out of your DP’s means more success. And it’s something the Galaxy just haven’t done.

Plus, the guys will get you ready for the match with the San Jose Earthquakes on Wednesday night. Can the Galaxy find the spark that gets them into a playoff position?

We’ve got a packed show ready to start your week off right! Won’t you join us?