Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

Podcast: Holiday Moats, a Galaxy Coach, and Pavon’s Messi Situation

The LA Galaxy want to keep Cristian Pavon, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be prepared to just walk away. That might get them a better deal.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The LA Galaxy really want Cristian Pavon on their team in 2021. Fans want Pavon on the Galaxy in 2021. And Pavon wants to be on the Galaxy in 2021. But with the official expiration of his loan on December 31, both sides are feeling the pressure. 

On today’s show hosts, Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter, discuss all the details around Pavon’s many avenues of staying in LA and why the pressure might continue to rise for both Boca Juniors and the Galaxy as the loan expires. And most of that pressure has to do with both sides feeling a financial pinch from the global pandemic. 

But first, the guys are diving into the discussion surrounding Lionel Messi’s comments about wanting to eventually come to Major League Soccer and why that time is definitely not now. Would the Galaxy even be players in a race for Messi? Or would he instead go to Miami? And Josh and Kevin discuss some fun hypotheticals that take into account Pavon’s situation as well. 

However, the main focus is on Pavon and why the end-of-the-year deadline is far from a deadline. And why the Galaxy may actually want to continue this game of chicken with Boca Juniors as Pavon’s wages start hitting the Boca checkbook. Could that get some movement out of this deal? And why should the Galaxy be willing to walk away?

Finally, Josh and Kevin discuss when the Galaxy should make their coaching and player announcements and why there may be a small surprise or two along the way. 

We’ve got a great podcast ready for you during this holiday moat, and we’re glad you could join us. 

Everyone at CoG is wishing you an excellent 2021, and may you and your family stay safe and healthy during this pandemic! We’ll be here to bring you all the Galaxy info you can handle!