2021 Season: 2021 LA Galaxy jerseys with Honey branding on February 18,2021. Photo by Robert Mora/LA Galaxy. --- www.LAGalaxy.com --- @LAGALAXY | @LAGALAXYPHOTOS

Podcast: An interview with Megan Reza, Araujo’s new number, and a ‘sweet’ Galaxy sponsorship

Former LA Galaxy sideline reporter Megan Reza joins the show to talk about a crossword puzzles and fireworks, while Julian Araujo is making his parents proud and helping out farm workers.

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — The sidelines of the LA Galaxy games are going to look different this year. And while you can’t blame that all on the pandemic, the real change will come when Megan Reza isn’t standing on the sidelines anymore.

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Kevin Baxter will cover most of the Galaxy news that leads up to the preseason camp officially starting. But they’ll also get a chance to hear from Reza as she reminisces about what it meant to be on the sidelines for your television coverage and what things she’ll take with her as she heads off in a new direction. 

Josh and Kevin will start by clarifying the ever-confusing new rule that revolves around players under the age of 22. That usually leads to a conversation about MLS and the LA Galaxy and how their opaqueness doesn’t help things when explaining the complexities of the league. 

From there, the guys will discuss the new sleeve sponsorship with Honey and why the Galaxy will get two more seasons of some very great payouts. But come 2022, the gravy train might stop!

Plus, Julian Araujo graced the front page of the LA Times today, and that’s just the beginning for one of the Galaxy’s most generous of players. Can Araujo match his freshman performance with an improvement in his sophomore season? Or will the pressure get to him?

Finally, the guys give you an update on Cristian Pavon’s legal issues in Argentina and why his lawyers are pressing back on many of the statements that the press has circulated. Are the Galaxy and Pavon in a better position going into what should be the closing negotiations for his playing talents?

We’ve got a packed show that is ready for your listening attention! Let’s get started!