Photo Courtesy of the LA Galaxy

Podcast: A Galaxy kit that makes you feel normal for a few minutes

A deep-dive into how the LA Galaxy were given a roadmap from the fans and followed that to monetary and world-wide success in launching the Community Kit

COG STUDIOS, Calif. — There was a roadmap for the LA Galaxy to follow. And they did it. And that should be celebrated enthusiastically and without qualifications. They had the nearly perfect jersey launch with the “Community Kit.” And we’re going to talk about all the good and just a little bit of bad.

On today’s show, hosts Josh Guesman and Sophie Nicolaou will break down the incredible insanity surrounding the Galaxy’s most successful kit launch ever while also throwing in some other minor news-nuggets about your favorite team. 

Josh and Sophie will start with some of their general feelings about the optimism that is building up about actually getting back in the stadium for the 2021 season, while also doing their best to realize most of that is misplaced. 

Then they’ll talk about the Galaxy players that will be embarking on their Olympic qualifying dreams as CONCACAF gets in on the U-23-style tournament for a chance at going to Japan this summer — if there are Olympics this summer. Will Efrain Alvarez find himself in a tug-of-war between the United States and Mexico? Will that even matter? And why Julian Araujo seems like the best bet to get the job done for the United States. 

Plus, that conversation will morph into looking at some of the big-name players and why they’ll be feeling the pressure in 2021!

But the central portion of the show revolves around the events and happening of Wednesday’s kit launch. There are some incredibly nerdy details that Josh focuses on, and Sophie asks when the Galaxy are going to sell those socks!

See, the kit probably means different things to different people, but the launch, the videos, and the design itself took our mind off of a global pandemic for a couple of minutes, and that’s a well-needed mental break. 

We’ve got a fun show with some good talking points and two hosts who were probably tipsy from all the water they drank! 

So come and join us! We’re ready for you!